Welcome to Tilghman Medical Center & Urgent Care!

A primary care provider checks your health regularly, ensures optimal well-being, and catches any problems early, so your medical issues do not become urgent.

Tilghman Medical Center, as your primary care provider (PCP), will help you make smart, informed choices to remain healthy. We will counsel you about health risks, such as smoking, alcohol, and nutrition, and offer the advice you need and deserve. As board certified and experienced family physicians, we diagnose, treat, and tailor to each patient’s individualized needs.

If you have a serious or unusual medical problem, then the doctors at Tilghman Medical Center may refer you to a specialist so that you can receive the advanced care that may be difficult to obtain without a referral. For your convenience, we have Board Certified, experienced specialists at our 4825 building, including cardiology, neurology, gynecology, orthopedic, pulmonology, gastroenterology, sleep specialists, and pain management.

From check-ups to the flu, from an infection to a serious diagnosis, your primary care provider is your partner in health throughout your life.

Tilghman Medical Center will help you stay well, treat you when you become sick, and make sure you are receiving the best healthcare possible.