Immigration Physicals

Navigating the immigration process can be difficult. Tilghman Medical Center, with its years of experience, offers a quick and convenient way to complete your medical forms.

Dr Elizabeth Khan is a civil servant, qualified to evaluate your medical history and vaccine status needed to finalize the I-693 Form.

Tilghman Medical Center offers flexible hours for scheduling appointments,
7 days a week with on-site testing.

What to expect:

First Visit:

  • Evaluation of vaccine history.
  • Administration of required vaccines.
  • Labs drawn on site for RPR (syphilis) required by immigration.
  • PPD or tuberculous test placed at time of visit with 48-72 hour reading or Chest X-Ray if needed.

Second Visit:

Information you should bring, if available:

  • Vaccine documentation.
  • Health records, if previously treated for tuberculosis.
  • Translator if necessary.

If you require any additional information, then please contact us at 610-366-9242 or visit